My 3rd Month Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy (RESULTS) 💸 & beginner Etsy shop owner tips

Saling tutorial
These are my results after having my digital downloads Etsy shop open for 3 months! This month, I hit a huge milestone in my Etsy journey and I’m so excited to share it with you!

In this video, I share my 3rd month on Etsy results, what worked for me and what didn’t, and I also answer some FAQ questions like how I promote my Etsy products, what’s my shop, do I use Canva free or pro, and more.

I’m a beginner at Etsy (this is the FIRST Etsy shop I created from scratch), so this video is a realistic summary of what you might expect if you start an Etsy shop as a beginner.

I hope this video inspires you to start your own Etsy journey or to continue growing your own shop.

Let’s goooo! Leave a comment if you have a question or if you are also working on your Etsy shop!

💻 Download my Etsy Stats Tracker (Google Sheets) here:

👋Follow on Instagram for behind-the-scenes (I’m super duper active on Instagram stories): (

1st Month on Etsy Video:

2nd Month on Etsy Video:

“What is your niche? What is your shop?” 👉 I have decided not to reveal my shop on Youtube, mainly because I don’t want my Youtube audience to click into my shop, not buy anything, and make Etsy think that people don’t like my shop items (bad for Etsy algorithm). My niche is Canva templates for a specific kind of business owner (I won’t reveal what kind of business owner.)

📹 My camera:
📹 My lens:
📹 My external microphone:
📹 My other microphone:
📹 My other other microphone (lav mic):
📹 My ergonomic mouse (life changing – I don’t use it in this video though): (most similar to mine)
📹 My Youtube lights:

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