E25 Sailing Q&A (How we earn money? Babies? Dog toilet on a sailboat?)

Sailing Essentials
In this weeks episode we answer some of the questions that you guys asked us. I appreciate it is a longer video than normal, so I’ve added some timestamps below so you can skip to the questions you are interested in.

00:00 Intro
00:58 Can Walter help reef the sails?
02:03 How is boat life with a dog? What are the pros/ cons?
05:11 Where does Walter wee and poop? What do you do to clean up?
07:05 What do you do to earn money? How are you funding this lifestyle?
08:04 Do we pay tax in the UK? Do you pay tax in the countries you visit?
08:50 What inspired a move to a sailboat life?
11:45 What are we most excited about right now?
13:02 What has been your most unexpected learning?
15:21 Does Walter malt hair everywhere?
15:47 What is the one thing on Nendaz that brings us the most joy?
17:15 Where do you see yourselves in 2, 5 and 10 years time?
19:09 Are we going to the Caribbean? (@TeuluTribe maybe one day!)
21:37 When will you be in Croatia, and when can I visit?
21:52 What are your biggest pet peeves about each other?
24:58 Do we have roles on the boat? And who does what?
26:09 What do we cook a boat?
27:46 What other YouTubers do you watch regularly?
29:10 Walkthrough of our electrical system, how does it all work?
31:17 Are we saving up for an electric engine?
33:56 What would you say was the hardest transition moving onto a boat?
37:32 How many miles could you motor on a full tank of diesel?
38:22 Conclusion

Our good friend Clemmie Swift is an amazing screenprint artist, check out some of her stuff!

Info on electric motors on a sailboat:
@svdelos – ELECTRICITY On A Sailboat Q&A
Timestamp 33:18

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