Make Money from your API Tutorial

Saling tutorial
Learn how to collect payments from an API or SaaS product. In this tutorial, we build an Express.js API from scratch, then make money by integrating Stripe Metered Billing.

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🔗 Resources

Full Stripe JavaScript Course
Stripe Billing
Source Code

RapidAPI approach: @AniaKubow

📚 Chapters

00:00 Intro
00:37 How API Monetization Works
01:59 Build an API with Express
04:17 Metered Billing Products
05:17 Stripe Checkout
06:41 Listen to Webhooks
08:33 Generate API Keys
11:05 Record Usage

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🎨 My Editor Settings

– Atom One Dark
– vscode-icons
– Fira Code Font

🔖 Topics Covered

– Create custom API keys in node
– Node hashing crypto
– Stripe webhooks
– Metered billing for API

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