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Could you live with all of your belongings in a tiny home no more than 400 square feet? Some say, “Buy small but sail big. Go small, go now”. Living minimally in a confined space is not without challenges. Join us for these five unique tiny sailboat tours. Direct links to each of these channels below.

[Tiny Sailing Homes Featured in This Compilation]

Hannah Rae Baldwin – _Vessel:_ *S2 9.2 A (29.92′)*
Sailing Triteia – _Vessel:_ *1965 Alberg 30 (30.25′)*
The Adventures of Tarka – _Vessel:_ *1973 Albin Vega 27 (27.08′)*
Wind Hippie Sailing – _Vessel:_ *1983 Grinde 27 (26.90′)*
Sailing Magic Carpet – _Vessel:_ *1979 Vindö 32 (29.36′)*

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