COMPLETE Amazon FBA Tutorial In 2023 | How To Sell On Amazon FBA And Make Money (Step By Step)

Saling tutorial
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Earnings Disclaimer: All earnings claims or income figures are not to be assumed as the average earnings of each student of Ecom Freedom. Earnings heavily vary. You may earn money or you may lose money, as with any business. Do not invest more than you are comfortable losing. We strive to provide the best quality of e-commerce and online business education to help you succeed.

Affiliate Disclaimer: The above Jungle Scout link is an affiliate link, which means I get a commission for each sign-up. This helps support the channel while giving me the opportunity to recommend powerful tools that work.

This is a Complete FBA Tutorial – it includes literally everything you need to know to get started on Amazon in 2023. I put myself in the shoes of a complete beginner here,

Learn every single step you need to build a successful, profitable Amazon FBA business.

🕥 Video Timestamps 🕥

00:00 – Intro to Amazon FBA – What It Is, How to Make Money with It, and the Best Strategy to Build a Successful Business

09:25 – Common Questions about Amazon FBA

19:37 – How to Get the Most out of This Video and Actually Make Money with Amazon

20:24 – Presenting the #1 best Amazon FBA strategy – the Ecommerce Brand Strategy

24:05 – Complete detailed step by step process of setting up an Amazon FBA business and brand

28:05 – My own story, how I started selling on Amazon in 2017 and went from zero to $32K/month

31:00 – Examples of great Amazon FBA listings vs. bad listings, and what you should know

38:19 – How to set a realistic goal that you will actually achieve with your Amazon business

44:16 – A complete guide on setting up your Amazon Seller Central account from anywhere in the world

58:38 – Product Research – how to find an amazing profitable product to start selling on Amazon

1:06:17 – Criteria for your product – what the perfect product looks like

1:17:16 – Recommended Categories – the only categories you should start your Amazon FBA business with

1:17:56 – Breakdown of all the best product research methods

2:30:53 – Narrowing down your product opportunities and figuring out the best product to sell

2:39:41 – Finding an amazing high-quality supplier for your Amazon FBA product

2:41:28 – Finding a supplier from China/Asia

2:54:00 – Finding a supplier in the US or domestically (Europe)

3:00:58 – Finding your exact profit margin using the Ecom Freedom Profit Calculator

3:06:18 – Checking for patents

3:08:43 – The right way to order a product sample

3:10:13 – Choosing your absolute best product opportunity

3:11:31 – How to get a UPC barcode for your product

3:15:24 – Creating a truly amazing, powerful eCommerce brand (name + logo + packaging)

3:17:39 – Checking for trademarks

3:19:10 – Getting a beautiful logo for your product

3:24:49 – Creating a powerful product insert

3:30:23 – Creating a beautiful, fully optimized Amazon FBA listing for your product

3:46:28 – Finding the best back end keywords for your product listing

3:55:10 – Placing your first inventory order

4:03:17 – The right way to ship your product units to Amazon FBA

4:12:01 – How to set up an incredible email sequence to automatically get reviews

4:15:59 – Product Launch – getting your product to page 1 for your main keywords

4:22:06 – Finding the best price to launch your product at

4:23:49 – Amazon PPC – a zero to expert guide to profitable Amazon Pay-Per-Click advertising

4:38:48 – Using Manychat to launch your product to Page 1

4:35:55 – Amazon PPC – Creating profitable PPC campaigns after you’ve launched your product successfully

4:42:48 – A guide to delivering world-class customer service for your brand

4:46:12 – What to do when you get a bad review (happens to everyone)

4:47:49 – Final tips for long term success with Amazon FBA (critically important)

4:51:34 – How to get mentorship

Thank you so much for watching! Connect with me on social media using the links below. I’d love to talk to you and get to know you. We’re all on this journey toward freedom together 🙂

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