UNEXPECTED! A 6.3 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE on our YACHT! Trawler life, water sports and paradise! #206

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Join us this week on @ABOARDMERMAIDMONSTER for an epic few days of adventure, boat maintenance and fun. Oh and we can’t forget the most wild thing ever. We experienced our first 6.3 magnitude EARTHQUAKE on our boat. But do you want to know the most wild thing about it…. We didn’t feel a thing. Like what? Apparently we were literally the only boat in the marina that didn’t feel anything. Even our buddy boat Nordhavn neighbors felt it. Everyone said it felt like a big shudder, like you went aground or something. The kids were very bummed because they really wanted to experience an earthquake on the water haha. Watch as we also head to one of the very best grocery stores in the entire Caribbean chain. If you know you know how amazing it feels to step in to a fantastic market. Antigua is quickly turning in to one of our favorite islands. This week we also whip out our gang plank. It is fancy. It is Italian. It doesn’t work lol. Watch to find out why. If you are new here then welcome. We are so grateful you are here. Please leave a comment below and tell us a bit about yourself. We love to get to know everyone that shows up here


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