SAILING & FISHING: Steps to Self-Sufficiency at Sea – Free Range Sailing Ep 187

Sailing Essentials
All the scenes and information in this episode have been broken down in to chapters to make this a better resource.

00:00 Pascale Sailing and Fishing
00:40 Introduction
01:50 Trolling Basics. Our Choice of Lure.
03:25 Pascale catches a Yellow Fin Tuna
04:03 How we safely bring a fish on board
04:58 Processing Tuna under Sail
11:09 Troy reels in a Mackerel
12:16 Our Trolling Reel and How it Works
13:11 Setting the Drag Correctly
15:00 Safety Lanyard for the Rod and Reel
16:00 Humpback Whale Migration
16:31 Our first Mahi Mahi / Dolphin Fish on board
18:22 How to put a wire trace on to your lure
22:42 A Summary of our Trolling Rig
24:18 Trolling a Lure is not Selective. Bringing in a Skip Jack Tuna.
24:44 Bleeding a Fish Effectively
25:04 Fish Identification
25:42 Reel Maintenance
27:28 Mahi Mahi and Skip Jack Tuna Sashimi
28:30 Seaweed Chips
28:57 Thank you


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