BOAT LIFE: Told to Leave the Island

Sailing Videos
Extended version of this episode available here: Thanks for supporting our show. As Covid-19 is understandably making the island of Culatra a bit leery of outsiders, we find out this time:
– How to film with your mouth 👄
– How to get your ship’s bum the most slippery it can be:
– Who wins the 🌍 SLV Skip Cup🎖, the guaranteed best international sports to be found in the world right now
– How a very modern pirate comes across a century old ship, and how you can help his beautiful ship:

Song Credits
00:02 The Dwelling Light – Spend All My Money –
03:23 Lockd – Lykófos –
07:25 Aviator Stash – Prescribed Television – www.
08:08 Brother Mane – Epiphany –
10:48 Luis Trindade – Come to Dance –
13:07 Fermin Spanish Guitar – Synco –
14:40 Handmade Moments – Where Do You Find the Time –
17:08 The Dwelling Light – Spend All My Money –
19:03 Circlelight – From the Outside –

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Premiere Pro
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