Sailing Essentials

Weather routing:
Charts we use:
Navionics – iPad
Open CPN with CM-93 and KAP satellite overlay files
Ovital Maps on the Ipad

Autopilot: We have an electronic hydraulic ram style but many other sailboats also have windvane.

Instruments: Very old Raymarine system but it still works! ST600

Squalls: 20 nautical mile Radar range on our trusty 13 year-old equipment.

Offshore sailing is a magical time and offers an opportunity to unwind, reflect and enjoy the incredible experience of bobbing on a relatively very tiny piece of fiberglass on the huge magnificent ocean. We are rarely disappointed by mother nature! If its not the sea surprising us, a glimpse up at the night sky usually does the trick.

But often we hear from viewers that they love the idea of sailing but are not at all enamoured in passage making. Well we thought we would spell off some of the mystery. Most of the time passage making in these latitudes is awesome downwind sailing! In this episode we introduce you to some of the basics that go into making an offshore sailing.

This particular passage we were rewarded by a crazy rare sighting from the monsters of the sea! But really we wanted to give you an introduction into some of the small details that go into everyday life when you are bobbing along on the ocean. In this first episode of many we cover some of the very basics.

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