EU4 1.34 Mughals Guide – The BEST NATION For A WORLD CONQUEST

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In this video titled EU4 1.34 Mughals Guide – The BEST NATION For A WORLD CONQUEST I make an EU4 Guide for The Mughals for Europa Universalis 4 1.34 Lions of The North. With EU4 1.34 Lions of The North releasing the meta and the starting moves for many nations on the map has changed, so of course new and up to date guides are needed. This EU4 The Mughals starting moves guide or EU4 The Mughals starting moves tutorial will ensure that you get a great start for yourself playing as the nation of The Mughals. This guide covers the opening moves, diplomacy, estates, alliances, subjects, missions, national ideas, and more! The Mughalsis one of the best nations for playing wide, dominating trade, having an overpowered army, trading, doing a world conquest and more. After watching this EU4 The Mughals guide you will ensure a great start for yourself, and you will have an easy and fun campaign. The save file is available for all Tier 1 and above Youtube members in the save-games Discord channel.

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