VICTORIA 3 BEGINNERS GUIDE – How to Play LIKE A PRO in Victoria 3!

Saling tutorial
Victoria 3 is here! In this ultiimate Victoria 3 release day gameplay beginner’s guide I’ll teach you how to play Victoria 3, and crutially, how to play Vic 3 well (at least, good enough to not feel totally lost and without direction). Victoria 3 is a complex grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive, and if you’ve played CK3, Hearts of Iron 4, EU4, or one of the many grand strategy simulators out of Paradox, then you know what you’re in for! In this guide I’ll teach you everything from how to trade in vic 3, how to reform your government, what interest groups do, and how to change laws. We’ll also cover the building, state, and resource sectors. AND everything you need to know about how to do politics and diplomacy in Vic 3 – including how to go to war in Victoria 3, and how to carry out all kinds of diplomatic plays. This is a Victoria 3 Economy, Politics, War & Diplomacy tutorial & gameplay guide all in one! Enjoy! #victoria3 #gaming #strategy

0:00 – Victoria 3 Tutorial Intro
0:30 – Victoria 3 Markets
3:00 – Buildings & Construction in Vic 3
8:15 – The Workforce & Pop Living Standards
12:40 – Interest Group Guide
15:25 – Government & how to change laws in Victoria 3
18:45 – Tech Tree, Science & Innovation Upgrades
19:40 – War & Early Diplomacy
22:20 – Influence and How to Make Diplomatic Plays
26:25 – War & Combat Tutorial
28:25 – How to win wars in Victoria 3

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