How To Sell Tube Crypto | Bittube Selling Tutorial

Saling tutorial
How to sell tube crypto. Learn how you can sell tubes with this bittube selling tutorial. Earn FREE crypto (TUBE) browsing the web with bitTube airtime browser extension.
Download the bittube app here:!2JQNZOQ90

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Monetize your time while browsing the web anywhere!
Features of the BitTube extension:
✔Earn TUBEs from your time on the Internet.
✔Block ads while monetizing publishers.
✔Instant Donations: Support social accounts & publishers
✔Integrated Wallet: Buy and spend TUBEs online.

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What is Bit.Tube?
BitTube is a revolutionary video platform in which publishers can make money with their content, without ads.
How is that possible? BitTube integrates a cryptocurrency ecosystem, where new coins called TUBEs are generated by professional miners who secure the network. The miners are rewarded with TUBEs for generating blocks on the blockchain. BitTube takes a portion of this reward and allocates it for rewarding the publishers and the viewers based on airtime. In this way, monetization is automatic and distribution of the revenues is much fairer.
Moreover, BitTube relies on a peer-to-peer distributed network, called IPFS, for hosting and distributing videos: consequently, the platform helps people worldwide exercise their right of free speech and avoid censorship.
Last but not least, BitTube is community driven: it means that users collectively have the power to influence the direction in which BitTube will grow. Start by joining the platform here, or learn more about how it works.

Why Bit.Tube?
✓Better Revenue
With BitTube, as a publisher you can earn from the very first view of your content: you don’t need a high number of followers before you can monetize your videos. Your videos are always monetized.
Our technology allows for a fair distribution of revenue, and we give a very generous portion of the total revenue to our publishers.
Moreover, keep in mind that with traditional platforms supported by ads, you mainly make money when users click ads: this creates an incentive for you to send viewers away from your content. BitTube allows you exactly the opposite: with BitTube you make money when your audience is watching your videos, instead of when they click an advertisement and go away.

✓Anonymity and Censorship resistance
BitTube can help you distribute your content beyond government and corporate censorship, while protecting your privacy and your right to free speech.
With BitTube you can publish content anonymously, and since all content is hosted on IPFS, people will be able to access your video even if your government or organization restrict access to the BitTube website.

How to mine
1. Sign up at – a new online wallet will be created automatically for your account
2. Upload a video or start a live stream broadcast
3. Share the link to your video with your friends: remember, the more people watch it, the more you will earn!
You can check your earnings by clicking on My Wallet.

⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️: The information in this video is an opinion and is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice, nor does it represent any entity’s opinion but my own. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. I am not guaranteeing you gains on your investment and the content I produce is my own personal approach, opinion and strategy in this highly speculative market. Past results don’t guarantee future results. *unlist*

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