The SECRET to Sailing Performance!!!

Sailing Essentials
Here at SailingTips we know sailing performance is important to you, but there’s a performance-robbing culprit hiding in your sail bag!

We can help. You can send us your overweight, podium-robbing toothbrush and we’ll take care of it.
We’ll start by weighing the toothbrush to determine the performance impact it has been having on your program.

We will call you for a detailed consultation. Are you a righty or lefty, scrubber or swirler. We will modify the toothbrush in our state-of-the-art facility, using only the finest tools and workmanship, and apply a European level of finish to that made-in-China toothbrush. We will weigh the toothbrush again to ensure it no longer robs you valuable seconds on the racecourse. We will inspect and comprehensively test the toothbrush to ensure it aligns with your brushing style.

Finally we will package it up and send it back to you, and you can look forward to yellow pennants and podium glory!!!

– This content is offered solely for your education and entertainment.
– There are no warranties, expressed or implicit, about any content or its fitness for a particular purpose.
– There are risks of injury, death, drunkenness, and financial hardship involved in sailing.
– The skipper is always responsible for the safety of their vessel and crew.
– Sailing Tips is not responsible or liable in any way for anything that happens on or anywhere near your boat or any boat that we are not in command of.

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