Sailing in the Sun – Piano Adventures Level 1 demo

Saling tutorial
Want to learn the piano? This is the quickest and easiest way:

Piano tutorials:
Piano sheet music:

Sailing in the Sun is a fantastic piece to master crotchet/quarter rests.
The challenge is to be very precise and prompt with a rest on the first beat in the bar.
Try taping or shouting out loud rest for practice purposes.

Also you’ll be using short and long slurs it is a great lesson for learning phrasing.

Your Right Hand will start On the Middle C with 1st finger
Left Hand will start On the B note just one note below the middle C with 1st finger.

R.H uses 5 finger C scale
L.H uses 5 finger E scale

Prepare your positions- Ready and Go!
Have fun singing out loud the words

Keep your piece flowing steadily and create a Brisk character

Practice all Piano Adventures Level 1 pieces:

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