BTD6 Odyssey || Hard Mode Guide || No Hero Achievement, Minimum Monkey Knowledge (Revenge, Support)

Saling tutorial
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Hey everybody, this is my Tutorial / Guide on how to beat the new odyssey on hard mode, so that you get maximum rewards! In this Odyssey, I use minimum monkey knowledge, so everyone can keep up easily. Make sure to disable your hero so that you get the “Mo Heroes, Mo Problems” Achievement.

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Let me know if you have any troubles with this BTD6 strategy 🙂
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Music by: Ninja Kiwi Music


BTD6 Odyssey Timestamps:
00:00 Mk + Crew
00:34 Map 1 (Scrapyard)
01:53 Map 2 (Encrypted)
03:42 Map 3 (Cargo)
09:13 Map 4 (High Finance)
12:07 Map 5 (Workshop)
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Bloons TD6 Odyssey – Revenge, Support
BTD6 Odyssey – Revenge, Support
btd6 odyssey tutorial / guide
BTD6 Odyssey || Hard Mode Guide || No Hero Achievement, Minimum Monkey Knowledge (Revenge, Support)

[Hard] Max 4 seats and 12 towers. 100 lives. ,,,,Farm, Spactory, Village, Engineer
1. Scrapyard (Hard, Chimps) $650, r4/65
No Selling, Knowledge Disabled
2. Encrypted (Hard, Impoppable) $1500, r11/65
Knowledge Disabled
3. Cargo (Hard, Reverse) $1500, r11/75
No Selling
4. High Finance (Hard, Alternate Bloons Rounds) $5000, r20/80
5. Workshop (Medium, Deflation) $22500, r40/60


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