Bluewater downwind sailing TUTORIAL

Saling tutorial
00:00 Sailing tutorial intro
00:56 YB Introduction
01:26 Downwind sailing lesson
12:46 Seaweed on the saildrives

Some downwind sailing halfway across the Atlantic Ocean. This video has a whole heap of information on how we set up our sails for a downwind Atlantic Ocean crossing.

You will notice that we DO NOT have our asymmetric spinnaker attached to the bow pole. Instead, we have it attached to the windward bow. Curious to know in which situation would you run the kite from the windward bow and not the actual bow pole in the centre of the boat? Well, there is a very good reason for this so make sure you check out this video to find out why.

We also start getting a lot of weed causing problems on the rudders and sail drives. Our engines are rattling around so much we can feel it through the entire boat.

If you enjoyed the sailing lesson then be sure to check out our sailing tutorial playlist.

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