#20 Wild weather sailing in Orca Alley with no visa time left if the worst happens! No wind to 30kts

Sailing Essentials
In this video we set sail before dawn heading towards the Gibraltar along the stretch of Portuguese and Spanish coast known by sailors as “Orca “Alley” due to being the epicentre of activity for Orcas damaging sailboat rudders and encounter some wild weather on the way.

We have no Schengen visa time left so a damaged rudder would be a huge problem for us and as a result we are somewhat nervous and opt to hug the coast where interactions are less due to the shallower water but we increase our overall journey time by doing so. We sail initially to the Guadiana river on the border between Portugal and Spain and spend the night at anchor just inside the river mouth and then tiptoe our way out through the shallow entrance on a falling tide as dawn breaks again heading for Cadiz.

What starts off as a beautiful sunrise motoring over flat seas soon becomes sailing in 30kts of wind and torrential rain before we finally arrive at a safe anchorage beneath the bridge at Cadiz.

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