A Golden Moment… Our First Sail on our New Yacht! Ep. 80

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We made it to France, only to figure out it was a Sunday and we couldn’t get the keys for the dock to go and see La Vagabonde. It actually killed us a little inside. But after some serious hours of spying going on, soon enough we got to check her out. She’s a bloody beauty guys and we really couldn’t be happier. Join us in La Grande Motte for the beginning of our new boat celebrations. A HUGE thanks to the team at Outremer for all of the hard work and love that was put into our boat. You guys are the greatest. Elayna and Riley xo

Photo thumbnail credit by the one and only amazing: http://www.robinchristol.com/

Song Credits:
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13:35 The Woods – Hollow Coves https://soundcloud.com/hollow-coves/tracks

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