Calm Before the Storm (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 100

Sailing Videos
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Ever heard of the Tramontane Winds that howl from France? We head north up the coast of Spain, right before the fierce blow hits. The whole sky turned grey and there wasn’t a breath of wind. It was quite eerie. Taking shelter in a place called Port De Cadaques, we had no idea it was going to be so damn beautiful. Good call Matthieu!

Song Credits:
00:00 Koresma – Far Away Coast –
01:46 Dobrato Rubato and Mellow Street – Tom Owens –
02:30 Koresma – Far Away Coast –
03:54 Dobrato Rubato and Mellow Street – Tom Owens –
04:31 Jason Lyle – 2 –
06:52 Koresma – The Theory –
06:52 Firewood Island – Dome –
08:19 Windspiel – Un D’a SoSado –
12:52 Daniel Champagne – Acland Street –

Videos made by Elayna and Daniel!


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