SAILING UMA Net Worth, Biography, Lifestyle 2021

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SAILING UMA Net Worth, Biography, Lifestyle 2021

In today’s video, we will be exploring the life of the founders of the Sailing Uma channel –Dan and Kika. To be more specific, we will be looking at their biography, lifestyle and net worth.

Who is the Sailing Uma channel about?
The Sailing Uma channel was founded by Dan and Kika, who love to spend most of their time sailing together and doing other different activities.

How did Dan and Kika meet? And how did they start their sailing journey?
Dan Deckert and Kika Mews met at Architecture school in Atlanta in 2013. Ever since then, they have been inseparable.

Dan Deckert – Early years and Personal Life
Dan Deckert was born in Canada and lived with his parents in a spacious log cabin that was located on the outskirts of a small town in the rocky mountains of western Canada.

Kika Mews – Early Years and Personal Life
Kika Mews was born in a town known as Port au Prince located in Haiti. Her parents were very hardworking and were blessed with several opportunities that weren’t necessarily available in many other countries.

Their Sailing Journey and YouTube Career
Dan and Kika started their YouTube channel because they saw that other videos about sailing were about people who were already living in their boats.

Sailing Uma Net Worth
Dan and Kika have been running their successful YouTube channel – Sailing Uma- for a couple of years now and it has become a great part of their lives. They started their channel 6 years ago and have uploaded about 330 videos so far.

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