STONEFISH Encounter! World Class Diving at its Finest Ep. 157

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Riley nearly knelt on a Stonefish, the most venomous fish in the world. Crazy stuff! I don’t want to think about the mayhem that would have followed in getting Riley to the mainland had he been stung… We didn’t know it was world class diving in the Turks and Caicos until we had a chat to some fellow divers on a nearby boat.This is what it’s all about my friends. Spending more time wet than dry, and being able to share days in the sun with those people you love. We’re happy you’re here to join us. Enjoy 💛 – Elayna

Ps. for those of you who may be concerned about the conch and it “not currently being conch season”, we’re aware of the conch season dates and these videos are a fair way behind real time, so it was in fact the correct time to be grabbing conch off the ocean floor and eating them. ✌🏼

Ep. 157
Song Credits:
00:08 Michael Dunstan – Oversupply –
01:41 The North Country – Chris O & Martin Kirwan –
03:21 Country Time – Bill Beaumont –
09:41 Airline Food – Realise –
12:31 North Temple – Samuel Scott McCumber –
15:34 Blue Eyes – Jordy –

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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