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R9 (Daily Vlog 15 of 21) It has com to my attention that people DO read the descriptions. Thank you all for your comments in my last vid (R8) I read them all. I should organise a comment of the year thing. Thank you, I really felt like I was just typing off into the ether until now. Ok so what I’m thinking of doing here is creating a small but powerful group of people. What we are going to need though is a name and a collective noun because we are hardly just a group are we? I will put one out there straight up. The “cult of the description readers.” What do you think? Needs a little work. Banal. Yes. I’m very open to ideas here. What we need is 1. a name 2. a collective noun like a gaggle or a murder. Please leave your ideas in the comment section below.

Song Credits:
00:08 Hocus Jumbo – Red Sun Rising
05:13 The Lunatic – Louis Trinidad
07:25 Salud [outro] – Andrewrothschild

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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