Sailing sunset boat 🚒/Acrylic painting tutorial #097/how to paint sailing boat /Relaxing video

Saling tutorial
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Stretched canvas :- 10×8
Acrylic colour:- red , yellow, white ,blue, purple ,sap green , black

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Streched canvas :-
Canvas :-
Canvas board:-
Canvas roll:-

Acrylic COLOURS:-
Mont marte :-
Mont marte :-
Mont Matre :-
Gillter mont marte :-
Camlin :-

Brushes :-
Flat brush :-
Falt brush :-
Round brush :-
Round :-
Filbert brush :

🎨All begnniers art maretials πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨:-
Stretched canvas (10”/10”) 3 pices :

Canvas board that you can use ( set of 4) :

Acrylic Painting Paper :

Brustro paitjng paper :

Round Brush Set :

Flat Brush Set :

Stencil Brushes :

Make up brush (large) :

Colour Palette :

Small Table Top Easel( painting Stand ):

Table Top EASEL brustro Box :

Table Top EASEL Box :


Camlin tube acrylic colours :-

Fine Detailing Brush kit :

Mop Brush :

Gesso :

Zippered Brush Kit :

Large Flat Brush :

Fan Brush Kit:

Artist Kidney Shape Palette :

Pallete Knife (Plastic):

Pallete Knife (Metal) :

Varnish that I use :

Varnish Spray:

Acrylic Medium Gloss :

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