Sailing Safety Harness … Don’t Ever Let Go!

Sailing Essentials
This video will give you life-critical info about the sailing safety harness, emphasizing the importance of Don’t Ever Let Go of a sailboat should you fall victim to man overboard drill.

Paul Exner also provides a judicious review about the “sailing safety tether”, “PFD”, and serves up his philosophy about safely “sailing small boats offshore”.

Sailing safety is important to Paul Exner … he’s a published author on practicing realistic man overboard drills by improving-the-odds-of-recovery in Ocean Navigator:

Paul Exner relates his knowledge of the sailing safety harness via hands-on demonstration and stories from his experience with the man overboard drill. Paul is a proponent of the features built into the Spinlock Deckvest 5D PFD giving his belief about which design gives a sailor the best sailing safety methods to guard against a man overboard drill sailing.

If you’re looking for more videos about sailing tips like this one, make sure to subscribe to Paul Exner’s YouTube channel right here:

To learn more about the sailing Paul Exner is doing, check Paul out here:

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