The Big Splash Party! Q&A and Boogying the Night Away Ep. 81

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What a weekend!! Full Q&A video available on Patreon:
Join us in France as we celebrate and bless our new boat La Vagabonde. It really is true that we all die, but not all have lived… What a journey it has been. Also a special thanks to Philippe Baudet for capturing moments we could have never gotten with his cameras, yourself and Emily are so kind. I know we said it 1000 times throughout the episode, but thank YOU. Thank you to our friends and family, people who flew from all over the world to join us and the team at Outremer, especially Matthieu for always believing in us. We love you all!!!! And we couldn’t be happier.
Enuf about that though, we’re in the new boat lets go check out some places!!! Where should we go?

Photo thumbnail credit by the one and only amazing:

Song Credits:
02:40 Core Values – Alon Barak –
04:43 Alon Barak – 3 boats, 1 sea
09:36 SONG I COVER: Dancing in the Dark – Bruce Springsteen
10:12 SONG I COVER: 1996 – The Wombats
19:04 I have no idea, the DJ played it so if anyone knows please let me know, it’s groovy as!!

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