How a Sail Works | How to Sail | Sailing Tutorial

Saling tutorial
Join me on a comprehensive sailing lessen about the basics of how a sail works. I will teach you the theoretical knowledge of how to trim a sail and I will show you in a fun experiment why both sides of the sail are important. As a professional Nacra 17 sailor I know how important the sails on a sailboat are and if you understand how they work you can sail any kind of sailing boat. In this tutorial I will also cover tell tales.

00:00 Intro
00:20 How a sail works
00:52 sailing by drag
01:56 square rigged ships
04:13 concept of airflow / sailing by lift
05:20 experiment
07:45 4 states of the sail
08:00 luffing sail
09:00 undertrim
10:07 correct / optimum trim
10:05 overtrim
12:30 telltales
14:40 summary

Cutty Sark painting:
Sailors aloft, Garthsnaid:
Viking ship:
Greek galley:
Cutty Sark:
Sailor in storm:
Sailor Cape Horn, Parma:
Padua, Kruzenshtern:
Steam ship:
Albert Einstein:
Capt. Alex Teschner, “old salt”:


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