BOAT LIFE: Our Nighttime Routine

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#254 Our nighttime routine onboard. Finally captured!
Sometimes if the camera’s out at night, something’s either snapped, flailing or lost (ship and crew inclusive). Here we want to show you the other side, our evening unwind routine as we’re here at Culatra. Pen and paper ready for the best bed time hot chocolate you can make at home and Riley’s 1-step gravy recipe.

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00:03:05 – Tatono – Mediterranean –
01:36:02 – Tatono – Mediterranean –
02:24:21 – Modern Nomad – The Clock –
04:26:14 – Modern Nomad – The Clock –
08:14:08 – Michael Triscari – Calm Like The Sea Grass –
12:27:13 – Nothing Turns My Lock – Kate Vargas –

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