Our First Overnight Sail – Lessons Learned – Life Aboard Sailing Catamaran Lost Cat

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Join us as we embark on our first overnight sail as a couple, and share our lessons learned!

After living aboard sailing catamaran Lost Cat for a month, we were ready to tackle the next level of our quest: an overnight sail.

Our longest passage to date was roughly 16 hours, and we were about to leapfrog that to lay down 200+ nautical miles in 48 hours.

That means sleeping in 3 hour shifts, with someone always at the helm, and navigating waters in complete darkness.

This adventure starts in the city of Saint Mary’s, GA. Here, we stopped to explore the historic town and stock up on essentials for our first overnight sail.

Along the way we enountered a friendly pod of Spotted Atlantic Dolphins and a strange brewing storm, before peacefully cruising in to Bald Head Island, NC after 48 hours at sea.

Stick around to the end of the video to hear our lessons learned, and the #1 rule of overnight sailing that you MUST NOT break!

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