How to play Smooth Sailing Queens of the Stone Age | Guitar Lesson + free tab sheet

Saling tutorial
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‘Smooth Sailor ‘ by Queens of the Stone Age

In this video, I explain how to play the parts (guitar) of Josh Homme for the song Smooth Sailing, Queens of the Stone Age.

1 | Intro riff: 00:26
2 | verse: 00:39
3 | chorus A: 01:20
4 | verse II: 01:30
5 | chorus A II: 02:00
6 | intro riff II: 02:20
7 | chorus B: 02:25
8 | solo: 02:45
9 | verse III: 03:08
10 | chorus A III: 03:28
11: intro riff III: 03:47
12: chorus B II: 03:52
13: bridge: 04:12
14: outro (verse): 04:32

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