‘Start Sailing’ – A Complete Guide To The Basics

Saling tutorial
Chapter Markers:
What You Will Need? 00:07 – 00:38 Parts Of A Boat 00:40 – 00:58 How To Rig 00:59 – 05:16 Points Of Sailing 05:18 – 06:08 How To Sail(Tacking & Gybing) 06:09 – 07:02 How To Sail (Beating, Reaching, Running) 07:03 – 07:30 Our YouTube Video 07:31 – 11:28 Credits (& Slick Timelapse) 11:29 – 15:30
Tom Simington & Alex Elliott’s TY project for 2012. St. Andrew’s College, Booterstown
I do not have the rights to any music used in this film, all rights are to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mumford & Sons and Gotye respectively.

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