VENDEÉ UPDATE: Macron Calls Le Cam, Escoffier

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After this week’s dramatic rescue, French President Emmanuel Macron called Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!) and Kevin Escoffier (PRB) to wish them well and congratulate them on their effort. Escoffier was slammed by a wave that broke his boat in half on Monday afternoon, and it quickly sank. Four of his former opponents diverted course to search the area for him, and after 12 hours in a life raft, he was recovered by Le Cam.

“Sorry we’re breaking the lock down rules in place at the moment. There are two of us here,” Escoffier joked.

“Frankly, I was reassured by the news. I’m a fan of Jean’s so I wanted to say hats off to him. We are extremely proud of Kevin and you and for the whole family and of what you did,” said President Macron.

Meanwhile, more trouble may be brewing as reports are coming in that Sebastien Simon (ARKEA PAPREC), one of the four who came to Escoffier’s aid, has lost a foil and maybe taking on water. At this time, it seems that Simon is not in immediate danger and is assessing the damage with his team.

For more on the rescue, click here. To follow the race tracker, click here

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