What is the Cost of Boat Ownership

Boating for beginners
You are watching this video because you think you might want to purchase a boat for you and your family and you want to make sure you understand all the costs to consider when becoming a boat owner. By the end of this video you will understand all the variables for the what the cost of boat ownership is from the initial purchase, through years of maintenance and costs, to the eventual sale or trade. Stick around to the end when I give you an actual real life example of a customer’s boat ownership and three tips of minimizing actual cost. In this video we will cover:

1. The Boat Ownership Equation. 1:19
2. The Initial Purchase of the Boat. 1:54
3. Fixed Costs of Boat Ownership. 2:28
4. Variable Costs of Boat Ownership. 2:51
5. Sale or Trade of Boat when Boat Ownership is done. 3:20


Here is a video on the initial purchase price of the boat:

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