Sail Life – new headstay, zinc anode and ground plate – DIY sailboat project

Sail Life
In this week’s video, I replace the headstay, service an older Furlex unite, and install a zinc anode and a ground plate.

Sometimes I really dislike YouTube! For whatever reason, this video went live as soon as it was done uploading (usually the video stays private until I choose to publish it). This means I didn’t have time to write the message in the description for those of you looking for subtitles. It also meant I didn’t have time to make a thumbnail or fill out any of the meta-information. No doubt this will hurt the video in terms of views.

For those of you looking for subtitles:
I know subtitles have been missing from the last 3 to 4 videos. Please understand that this is not my decision or something I’ve altered. Subtitles have always been automatically generated by YouTube. For whatever reason, they have stopped doing that. There are a lot of forum posts from people encountering the same issue. I’m sorry but this is not something I can fix on my end.

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