Defender Product Spotlight: Lumitec Poco Lighting Control

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With smart lights and smarter controls, Lumitec is about to illuminate your boating experience.

Several key features of the Lumitec Poco Lighting Control system stand out right away. First, it is a 2-wire system, so the average wiring-savvy boater can install or retrofit the controls without an engineering degree. Second, it works with any Power Line Instruction (PLI) enabled Lumitec light. And third, the Poco lighting control system allows the user to change the light color (on color-change lights), adjust the dimmers and turn the lights on and off from their smartphone. And while APP control is exciting enough, the color-changing feature is outstanding. Lumitec even allows boaters to choose a different color for each PLI-enabled light.


“I would say users with moderate 12v wiring experience can install a Poco system,” says Alex Lyons, Defender’s Product Manager for Lumitec. “Lumitec’s PLI powerline instruction technology reduces the need to have extra power wires running back to a controller, as it can send instructions to the lights through the existing power wires.” That means boaters don’t need to chase wires or feed additional wiring through any harnesses or bulkheads.

When it comes to the number of lights that the system can handle, Lyons was happy to explain power loads and system requirements: “While the Poco device has four channels, each channel can power up to 10-amp loads, so multiple lights can be on each channel.” Users with extra illumination can link several systems together. Boaters also can use multiple Poco systems on board since the switches are digital. And when it comes to changing those lights from blue to red? Lyons says it’s a breeze: “Many of the Lumitec LEDs can change color, and most of them are able to be dimmed, so you can set up each digital switch with a different color and brightness setting for each light.”

If your particular lighting system is a little more complicated, Lumitec also has you covered. “Lumitec’s optional Poco expansion modules allow users to control other manufacturers’ lights that do not use PLI for color changing and dimming. They also enable use of lights with amp loads up to 20A,” Lyons says.

If you’re excited about all of Lumitec’s options but not quite sure what your boat needs, check in with Lyons or any of Defender’s helpful representatives. They can help guide you to what you need for a DIY project that will light up your world–or at least your boat!

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