Defender Product Spotlight: Lowrance Hook Reveal

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Finally, the benefits of side and down scan overlaid on one screen.


Defender product expert Alex Lyons explains the benefits of HOOK Reveal’s new FishReveal technology: “DownScan sonar uses high frequencies to provide a picture-like image of the sea floor. The traditional sonar’s lower frequencies are best suited for locating fish in the water column. Enabling FishReveal overlays the traditional sonar on top of the DownScan sonar so you see both the water column and sea floor on the same sonar page. This enables the user to get the best of traditional sonar and DownScan sonar on a single screen.”

Navico’s CHIRP technology powers your transducer to mark the most detail of fish under or near your boat. HOOK Reveal also features Genesis Real Time Mapping in case you head to any fishing grounds that are not preloaded in the mapping feature. And for the technologically challenged, the keypad is optimized with one-touch access to key features. When it comes to finding the fish, this piece of equipment is smarter than the captain!


HOOK Reveal is available with a 5-, 7-, or 9-inch screen.

“We think the 7-inch option will be most popular with users because of its ability to fit on boats of all sizes and its low price point,” Lyons says. The price point is competitive, and the technology is quite a bargain in terms of electronics. Plus, installation is a breeze. One of the three screen sizes is sure to retrofit into your console, and if not, HOOK Reveal has a mounting bracket for on-dash attachment.

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