The BET that will change 2020 FOREVER! Ep. 236

Sailing Videos
It looks like SOMEONE will be cleaning the whole boat for an entire year ? Thanks to Tysen McCarthy from Michigan for making our videos possible on Patreon. If you would like to join him, go to: – Thank you!!

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Join us as we sail through the Chesapeake and Delaware canal and sail under bridges (and make stupid bets). We’re nearly in the Chesapeake Bay!

Watch the video we make the bet over:

Song Credits:
00:00 Low Country – Jordan Merrick –
04:02 Axel Thesleff – Eco –
07:33 Where Do You Find the Time – Handmade Moments –
10:07 Babycaster – HUFRIK –
13:48 Airline Food – They Wouldn’t Want to Know –

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