Our SAILBOAT up a South American Jungle River!? – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 194

Sailing Essentials
Why would you sail your home up a jungle river in French Guyana? Well, because it’s fun obviously! One of our favorite things is exploring off the beaten path in Delos, and taking our sailing home up a fresh water river is too cool to pass up. We get Delos way back off of a small tributary and anchor up for some dinghy exploring in Maggie. We notice that the animals are extremely skittish, and and find a patch of forest that’s been utterly destroyed by illegal logging.

We return to the town of Maroni to seek answers and try to figure out what’s going on. We tour a traditional village in Suriname, witness the local carnival, and finally end up a a wildlife sanctuary where we get some answers about what’s going on with the ultra-skittish monkeys. Then when our trip to French Guyana just couldn’t get any more random we get access to the European Spaceport and are able to film an Ariane V rocket launch! Incredible!!!

Fair Winds, peace, and love from Brian, Karin, Alex, and Brady.

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Tunes used in this video
Time: 00:33
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Link: www.chillhop.com/listen
Time: 16:00
Song: Se Vive Equal
Artist: Commando Anti-Depresivo
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Time: 18:51
Song: Hola Hola Hola, Que Tal!?
Artist: Commando Anti-Depresivo
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Time: 22:05
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Link: www.chillhop.com/listen
Time: 28:18
Song: Retro Wave
Artist: Aries Beats
Link: https://ariesbeats.bandcamp.com/releases

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