BUYING your FIRST Boat??? Here’s the 3 THINGS You NEED to KNOW!!!

Boating for beginners
Buying your first bass boat is one of the great milestone experiences for any anglers that loves to fish. I’ve had quite a few boats from fiberglass bass boats to aluminum boats like my Tracker 175 and even a jon boat that I modified and built a custom deck for. So I have some experience and have made a lot of mistakes along the line. There are 3 things that I think are the most important things you need to know if you’re buying your first fishing boat. Get the strongest trolling motor you can mount on the boat ideally with spot lock. Get the newest or most reliable motor you can – even if that means getting an older boat with a newer motor. And finally do you want to go with a fiberglass hull or a aluminum hull – and what’s the difference, which would be better for the lakes you fish?

Thank you again for all your support and making this awesome boat happen!!!

My graph

The trolling motor I’m getting – Lowrance Ghost

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Old boat walk thrus

Triton TR 19

Tracker 175


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