Learn How To Sail: Sailing Basics Video Series – Sailboat Docking

Saling tutorial
New to sailing? We created this comprehensive basic sailing video series just for you!

We know how difficult it is to find solid answers to your questions related to sailing fundamentals. As professional sailing instructors, we get it, and since we cover these topics regularly with our students, we knew we could help you too. We created these Learn How To Sail: Sailing Basics videos, to be your ultimate sailing 101 video series. In them, we cover Monohull sailing for beginners from anchoring, to steps for recovering a man overboard, all the way up to perfect sail trim! In this video, we will cover:

Sailboat Docking. This video shows you the simple aspects of docking a sailboat, from approaching to departing.

View the full playlist for the Learn How To Sail: Sailing Basics Video Series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0joRZMH7HDTHJlZGAzlUGgboKEmHylMI

We hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching!

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