Buying a boat? 5 reasons NOT to buy a boat … and also 4 great reasons to buy a boat

Boating for beginners
I love boating. I want you to do the same. But boating is not for everyone, and I will give you 5 good reasons to not get a boat.

After going on about all the challenges of boating I will share with you 4 of the main reasons why I still own a boat, and why I enjoy it so damn much.

I’m not trying to scare you from buying a boat, just making you think if you want it bad enough. If you watch the second half of the video you’ll see why I can’t wait to go boating.

Top 5 reasons to NOT buy a boat:
1. Time: Using and caring for your boat will take A LOT of time!
2. Cost: Boating is insanely expensive. Parts, marina fees, depreciation … do I even need to continue?
3. Worries: You’re always gonna worry when there’s a big storm on the way or if the ocean is freezing solid.
4. Boat Handling: Fresh boat owner + full marina + a bit of wind = a challenge. Are you up for it?
5. Committment: Is your partner or your family onboard with your boating plans? Spending so much time and money you’d better be committing to it.

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